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Shooting SportsPistol League    April 24, 2014

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Indoor Pistol League

The Winter 2009 edition of the Indoor League is up and running. We meet at the upper range on Friday nights and attempt to get started by 7:30PM. The league is limited to 22 caliber revolvers or semi-automatic pistols only. The distance is 50 feet. We start with Slow Fire that is 10 shots fired in 10 minutes. The next stage is Time Fire which is two 5 round stages each fired in 20 seconds. Then comes Rapid Fire which is two stages of 5 shots each fired in 10 seconds. The last event is the Duel Target which is an NRA B-27 reduced to 50 ft. This target will face you for 3 seconds and turn away for 6-7 seconds.Each time it faces you, one shot is fired. In all, 15 shots are fired on this target. The total possible score is 450 - 45X. We generally fire two relays a night. Tom Persell records the scores and brings them the following week so that the shooters can see their improvement. The cost for the league is $0.50 a relay. This money goes to purchase targets. The Indoor League is very popular with the Club. So, come out and bring your .22 with you.

Make your opinions heard

Make your opinion heard!

Send a message to your politician! The NRA-ILA has a website with contact information about your Local, State and Congressional Officials.
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