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Shooting SportsPolice Pistol Combat/Competition    April 17, 2014

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Police Pistol Combat Competition

                                        1500 0UTDOOR COMBAT PISTOL MATCH 
                                                               SPONSORED BY
                                                                   MARYSVILLE RIFLE CLUB
                                      HOSTED BY
                                                   MARYSVILLE RIFLE CLUB PPC SHOOTERS
                                                                               Authorized by
                                                      MATCH SCHEDULE 2012
                                                           Dated 12/06/2011

DATES:  01/21,  02/18,  03/17,  04/21, 05/19,  06/16,  08/18,  09/15,  10/20,  11/17, 12/15


         1601 Lakewood  Rd.   ( Highway 531 North)
          Arlington WA.

From I- 5 either North or South bound take Exit # 206 172 St NE (Highway 531 West). Travel approx 6 miles west (over rail road tracks, past Lakewood High School ) to stop sign at intersection of 172 NE & 531 West. Turn right travel another 2 miles Marysville Rifle Club  will be on the right. This is a private club with a gate . The Gate will be opened at between 0800 & 0830. Shooting can not begin until 10:00 per club rules.


RULES: Current rules for NRA approved tournaments

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all law enforcement officers, reserves, and their affiliated and Military Police per rule 2.5 .  Their will be no team matches.  Identification  to support law enforcement or Military  Police status must be available and shown upon demand of match officials.  NRA or SFC card must be presented upon request.

ENTRIES:    Advance entries are not required.  Individuals may make entry at the range on day of the  match.  If any information regarding the match is desired, please contact:
 102 81ST STREET
 EVERETT, WA. 98203   HOME 425- 348-0589  CELL 425-501-3822

FEES:  An across-the board entry fee will be charged each competitor of $ 20.00 for the first fired 1500.  There is a $ 15.00 fee for the second - fired 1500. Of this fee $ 4.00 of the first 1500 and $ 2.00 of the second 1500 will be forwarded to the NRA. Marysville Rifle Club imposes a $ 2.00 fee for each person entering a match  sponsored by the club. Once the by law passes and MRC is approved by WSPPA then  $ 2.00 From the 1st 1500 and $ 2.00 from the second 1500 will be forwarded to the WSPPA.$ 5.00 from the 1st  1500 will go to pay towards the MRC Loan to improve the range to shoot PPC. The second $ 5.00 will go into a special fund to make improvements to the PPC Range such as Drain Fields and turning targets .The Marysville Rifle Club PPC Shooter will also retain that amount of money need for Match expenses, targets, frames, postage, the remaining money will  be returned to the shooters in awards.

CATEGORIES:  Competitors will fire in the same category

CLASSIFICATION:  All competitors will be classified according to the NRA classification system.  Competitors not having a valid classification card or temporary record score book will fire in the
High master class. Individual classification cards will be presented at the time of entry.

CHALLENGES:   A challenge fee of $ 1.00 will be charged for each challenge made.  The NRA rule book
May be consulted for the correct procedure involved in the challenge.

COURSE-OF-FIRE:  Each competitor will fire the NRA 1500 aggregate consisting of: ( 1 ) 12 shots double action in 20  seconds at 7 yards; ( 2 ) 12 shots in 20 seconds double action at 15 yards; ( 3 ) 6 shots double
Action kneeling, 6 shots double action left handed on the left side of  barricade, 6 shots double action right handed on the right side of barricade in 90 seconds at 25 yards; ( 4 ) 6 shots sitting, 6 shots prone, 6 shots left handed on left side of barricade , 6 shots right handed from right side of barricade at 50 yards single or double action, in 2 minutes45 seconds: ( 5 ) 24 shots fired in two 12 shots stages of double action fired at 25 yards standing with out support, each stage to be fired in 35 seconds; ( one complete firing of the NRA National Police Course. ( 7 yard stage, 25 yard stage, 50 yard stage and 25 yard stage 6 shots double action in 12 seconds) .  All times start with loaded , holstered gun and include reloading time.

TARGETS: The approved B-27 target will be used. The targets will be scored and changed after the 18 shot 25 yard stage, after the 24 shot 25 yard off-hand stage and again after the first two stages of the National Police Course.

SCORING:    Scoring will be accomplished each time the target is changed ( per above).  No competitor may score his own target or that of a team mate.

OTHER MATCHS:  Other matches may be fired depending on time limitations such as a guest match, warm up match, duty gun match.  Match fees and courses of fire will posted at the range on the day of the match. The entry fee for the warm-up match and the Duty Gun match will be $ 5.00 of that money $ 1.00 will be forwarded to WSPPA, $ 1.00 will go to the PPC Range Improvement Fund and $ 3.00 will go into an Award Pool for that match. If this is the only match that a competitor enters then $ 1.00 will go the WSPPA, $ 1.00 will go to the MRC PPC Range improvement Fund, $ 2.00 will go to pay MRC range use fee and the remaining $ 1. Will go to the award pool for that match.

Special Match  ( Balloon Match ) to be fired on an NRA 50 yd slow fire target.  A balloon will be attached to this target out side the scoring ring.  The competitor will have 10 minutes and 15 shots to first break the balloon then score as many points as possible.  Firing will be from the 50 yd line. Any hand gun caliber pistol with any sights to include a 22 target pistol with a scope or red dot sight.  Of the entry fees collected one half will go to the Match Winner  only the rest will go to the PPC Range Improvement Fund . In order for a score to count the balloon must be broken If no one is able to break the balloon no award will  be given and all money will go to the range improvement fund.

AWARDS:  An award will be made to the Match winner and to the first in class, additional awards will be made for each additional 5 competitor in class. If there is less than 5 competitor in a class they may be moved up to the next higher class.  If there are less than 5 high masters they will compete for match winner only.

RANGE RULES:  All competitors will comply with posted range rules and directions from the range master. For reasons of safety shoulder, cross draw and holsters which require release of firearm by insertion of the trigger finger within the trigger guard will not be allowed.

ARM ALLOWED:    This match may be fired with any revolver or semi auto pistol chambered for commercial or hand loaded cartridges .32 caliber or larger. Except no high speed or magnum  will be allowed.  Fixed or adjustable sights may be used.  Barrel length not to exceed 6 ( six) inches, trigger pull to be at least 2 ½ pounds.  Extended or hooded front or rear sights, scopes, laser sights, or dot type sights and enlarged grips which might prevent the arm being classified as a “ service arm” will not be used.  Semi-auto hand guns may be used in accordance with NRA rule 3.3.
   SMOKEY POINT MOTOR INN       17329 SMOKEY PT. DR.   ARLINGTON   360- 659- 8561

   Tulallip Casino & Resort
    Factory Outlet Mall
Both just off   I- 5 between Marysville and Smokey Point.

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